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W5904 Apply site surveys and set out procedures to building and construction projects (BCGBC4018A)
WA Unit NumberW5904
Unit TitleApply site surveys and set out procedures to building and construction projects
National Unit NumberBCGBC4018A
 -About this Unit
This unit specifies the outcomes required to the conduct of basic measuring and levelling techniques as part of the set out procedures performed on building projects. It includes the use of technical instruments, application of standard procedures and performance of calculations necessary in the set out of construction projects.
Unit Hours40
This unit has no pre-requisites
This unit has no co-requisites
 -Elements Of Competency/Learning Outcomes
BCGBC4018A/01 - Perform setting out, measuring techniques and associated calculations.
1. Trigonometric and geometric calculations commonly used with grid lines, off sets and right angle triangles are calculated and recorded without error.
2. Site set out procedures are carried out according to standard work methods on sites.
3. Errors in measured distances due to site characteristics and measurement methods are identified and explained.
4. Cut and fill calculations are conducted without error.
BCGBC4018A/02 - Set up and use levelling devices.
1. Use of levelling device is demonstrated in accordance with standard operating procedures.
2. The error present in a level by the two peg test device is demonstrated in accordance standard operating procedures.
3. Reduction in a closed level run by rise and fall method and by HPC method is carried out in accordance with standard practices.
4. Calculation of staff readings to enable a specific RL set out to be determined is calculated without error.
BCGBC4018A/03 - Mark out and determine levels on a grid for contouring and volume calculations.
1. Set out grid and levels are determined.
2. Contour plans are prepared from grid levels to specified tolerances and stated contour intervals.
3. The volume of solids, the surface being levelled and contoured is determined to specified tolerances.
BCGBC4018A/04 - Construct longitudinal sections and determine associated grades and levels in typical drainage and pipeline situations.
1. Longitudinal sections are drawn from reduced levels and running chainages.
2. Levels and clearances from given grades and distances are determined to specified tolerances.
3. Calculations and expressions of grades in three forms (percentages, run ratios, and angles) are determined to specified tolerances.
4. Calculations for batter levels from grades and distances are determined without error.
 -Attached to which Course Study Plans
172321 - W265-CU0802-PSC (Connected to Course W265)
143730 - WT71-CU0710-PSC (Connected to Course WT71)
 -Unit Replaced By
W9255 - Apply site surveys and set-out procedures to building and construction projects