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WT71 - Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) (Builder's Registration)
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"This course is for continuing students only. New students please see below for the course that has replaced it."
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7706 - Diploma of Builders Registration (5066)
5219 - Diploma of Builders Registration (51628)
 -About This Course at this College

Central TAFE is the leading centre in WA for post trade training in the Building and Construction Industry.  Our courses focus on providing students with job ready skills assisting graduates to find employment.  Completion of this qualification will provide you with the skills to meet to standard set by the Builders Registration Board of WA.

 -About This Course
This qualification will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge to work as a builder on medium rise building projects. You will practice a diverse range of skills that will enable you to supervise the planning of construction work, ensure the quality of the work and manage the risks associated with projects. You will learn about building codes and standards and structural principles related to medium rise buildings.
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For information about jobs and pathways, please see

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 Telephone: 1300 300 822

Available Semester 2, 2018No
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 -Specific Job Opportunities for Our Students

This course covers the adacemic required for becoming a Registered Builder in Western Australia.  Participants should seek information from the Builders Registration Board about the additional industrial experience, which is required.

 -Career Opportunities
Successful completion of this qualification provides you with the opportunity to become a manager working on medium rise projects, under the direction of a builder.
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 -TAFEWA Qualification Pathways for this course
Building and Construction
 -Specific University Options for this course

Successful completion of the Diploma of Builders Registration will gain you Advanced standing in the Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management and Economics) at Curtin University.

Can international students study this Course in Australia?No
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Telephone within Australia: 1300 300 822
Outside Australia: (618) 9427 1055
Hours (WST): Mon to Fri 8am-5pm
Fax: (618) 9427 1999

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